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Thepujashop is a young and dynamic web shop serving the Hindu community world wide. Our aim is to offer religious products and knowledge to enable Hindus to perform their pujas in the best possible way. We provide the best quality to ensure the most benefit.

In our web shop you can find instructions for performing pujas for all deities. These instructions are approved by Brahmins from Vrindavan, India, the holy place of Krishna. Thepujashop is based in Amsterdam with a second office in Vrindavan. At Thepujashop you can order all the articles you need for your puja without leaving your home. We guarantee the quality of the products and a safe delivery at your doorstep.

Thepujashop is founded by three people who – being Hindu themselves – want to support the Vedic way of living.

The founders feel that there is a growing need for information on the Vedic culture and find it a blessing to serve the Hindu community in this way.

GENIE VAN DER GAAG has a long history with India that goes back to the 70’s. He is active designing and building temples and forming spiritual communities. Through this he is well connected with the Vaisnava community from where he gets all the support of the Brahmins and Sadhus active there. He is very interested in the Hindu culture in general and supports the Vedic way of life for prosperity.

IREEN RAMSARAN is born in an Hindu family in Surinam and brought up in Amsterdam. Her personal interests have always been Vedic knowledge and the traditional art of Bharata Natyam. For the latter she set up Stichting Tapasya in Amsterdam where also yoga classes are taught. To improve her knowledge she attended a 3 years practical course for Hindu spiritual counsellor. Besides working for the web shop, Ireen works as a freelance finance consultant.

LIA VAN WIJK visited India for the first time in the 70´s. From that time on she was interested in Hindu philosophy. She graduated as Hindu spiritual counsellor. Over the years the classical Vedic culture has become an important part of her daily life. She has been working as a (financial) manager for the past 13 years, but works now mainly for Thepujashop.

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Thank you and Happy shopping!

Genie, Ireen & Lia
Namaste! Peace be with you.